Thursday, April 9, 2009


I do a lot of searching and watching the news for anything that is Buy America Back related. Lately I have been seeing information that says a lot of Asian people are afraid of the Buy America Back campaigns.
In 1982 a man named Vincent Chin was killed by 2 men with a baseball bat and this murder was supposedly over jobs being outsourced. What those 2 guys did was ignorant and I am sure they are paying the price for it now.
Asian people are concerned that we will turn against them for our economy problems. Don't you think if Americans were going to turn against Asians it would have happened before now?


  1. I’m sorry to inform you but justice was not served for the murder of Mr. Chin. It is another sad and unfortunate chapter in American history. While your view and mine are a positive, supportive effort on behalf of our own country and economy, I understand how Asian Americans might worry about another such hate crime occurring in our present economy.

    Fortunately, I’ve witnessed no such ignorance in the Buy American movement. Violence is simply not an answer to our economic problems.

    As you & I understand the answer resides in our wallets with every dollar we spend for US made goods. Our effective approach targets with 100% accuracy those responsible for our poor economy. While we deny enrichment to those responsible for outsourcing jobs we simultaneously support and strengthen our own manufacturing base, American workers & our economy.

    Moreover, the effectiveness of this approach lies in a simple percentage of consumer dollars. It doesn’t require that everyone shift dollars to domestic products, nor does it take every dollar spent by purposeful consumers. It only requires that a percentage of market share shift from foreign made to domestic products to inflict severe financial pain to those parasitic enterprises residing in our marketplace.

    We’re not a foolish people. Americans are too busy utilizing our energy with productive purpose, rather than turn against a group of people that contribute as well to our economy. One particular Asian American comes to mind who is a fellow American manufacturer. They happily employ American workers and offer fine products to consumers. I find no reason to fault them for their preference of our beloved country over present day China. Contrast that person with the well heeled American who cheerfully outsourced jobs between spa visits. Now tell me which person you view as the patriotic American? Which person enriches our economy and which is the parasite who enriches only themselves?

    I readily do business with the former, not the latter.


  2. Thank you Mary for your contribution to my blog. You make very good points and I have to agree with you 100%.