Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well, I Am Confused

When I think about bicycles Huffy comes to mind first. I have become very interested in mountain biking and thought I would look up Huffy bikes to see what they have.

When I looked up the company on Wikipedia, it said that Huffy Sports sent everything to China in 1999 but then continued to do poorly so they filed chapter 11 in 2004.

On the Huffy website it says, "Huffy celebrates 30 years as #1 selling bike brand in the U.S. and sells its 100 millionth bicycle" That was 2006.

So where are they made? I couldn't find the answer anywhere. Wonder if there are any other bike manufacturers in the US? I want a mountain bike.

If anyone wants information on how to buy a mountain bike go here


  1. Huffy was effectively nationalized by the Chinese government. Production of Huffy bikes continues in China.

    There are numerous hand built American made alternatives to explore and I hope we can help you find a suitable mountain bike. Please check the Cycling category in our Sports & Hobbies department.


    It sounds as though this activity is somewhat new to you. If so, you might consider a pre-owned mountain bike for your initial purchase. If you find that the activity truly suits you and your lifestyle then go for your dream bike.

    My original Schwinn bike, about 45 years old, looks new and only needs a bit of air in the tires. With the nicer weather settling in, I’ll have to give it a ride. How do you suppose the new made in China Huffy bike would compare in 45 years?

  2. Thank you for the link, I will check that out. Yes, it is new to me. I have a bike in MI but didn't bring it. It is just a regular bike. Here in AZ there are mountains and trails everywhere I need some good exercise. Besides I like riding a bike. I will let you know what I find. Thanks again