Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Mistake And Apology

Thank you Mary for your accurate observation about Mr. Chin, and for pointing out my mistake. I had not looked up this crime, only knew about and "assumed" those 2 men were brought to justice. Actually they didn't get in much trouble at all. They served no jail time, were given three years probation, fined $3,000 and ordered to pay $780 in court costs.
I feel very bad about not looking up my facts before I wrote about it and misleading anyone who read that post.
The point I was trying to make was that it's not the American people as a whole that do these types of crimes, but a few who get carried away. Those few I don't even consider Americans. I consider them idiots.
I sincerely apologize for my mistake.


  1. I knew there was a sound reason to follow your Blog. Behind your interesting topics is a good hearted, caring and scrupulous individual. It’s good and decent of you Anita to apologize but I doubt your readers would consider it necessary. I suspect because of study and training I’m mindful when I post of what I present as fact and what I offer as opinion. When I read, I identify facts where they appear and I consider opinion and comments when they appear. What you offered your readers was a comment about a crime. Any decent American would hope and expect as you did, that justice was served but unfortunately we’ve failed at times in our history to accomplish that goal. Your comment was incorporated in a post that contained fact so I don’t think you have an obligation to apologize. You do realize now that your Blog has a greater measure of accountability, responsibility and integrity than the whole of our US media, don’t you? :-)

    Like you, I would challenge the notion that Asian Americans have any concern that Americans as a group would turn against them. Instead, we can share their concern that perhaps there is the “idiot” among us somewhere, who would commit a hate crime and use violence against an Asian American. That “idiot” and failed excuse for an American would no more reflect the spirit and motivation of the buy American movement than I could reflect the spirit and motivation of a gang of leprechauns.

    Like union members, Asian Americans tend to devotedly shop for Made in USA products so those fellow Americans represent a percentage of the folks who are shopping as carefully as you and I.


  2. Mary you are too kind. Your writing is inspiring and I always look forward to reading what you have written. Thank you.