Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bose Sound Systems

Anyone reading my blog must think that all I do is shop. On the contrary. We just moved to AZ recently and therefore need some things. We recently purchased a Samsung 50 inch plasma TV from Best Buy (An American owned company) We could not find a made in US TV. We also wanted a home theater system with a dvd player. We looked at everything they had and nothing seemed to sound very good. We then came along a Bose. Wow, was the sound amazing. It made the other ones seem like toys. I knew Bose was made in the USA because we have an iPod sound dock from Bose. I went to their website and copied a small paragraph about what they say about their company. At Bose, we support our research by reinvesting 100% of our profits back into the company. But it's more than just research. We aim for excellence in everything we do. From the way we run our business to our customer service. From the products to the owner's manuals you'll use to set them up. In everything we do, we truly believe that "good enough" is merely a starting point.

If you have ever owned a Bose you know that what they are saying is true. They are the best sound system to be found anywhere in my opinion.


  1. Bose is designed in the US, but manifactured in china...

  2. Don't agree. I have Bose 321 GS series iii and simply the music does not sound rich. For movies is OK but not for music. Harman Kardon and Polk is the other one i have and it is better than Bose