Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Thought This Was Funny

I was watching the news the other day and saw headlines that said "Road to Hell". I then heard them say that a European President has said they the US is on the road to hell because of its policies and our "Buy American Campaign". I laughed, I guess we are now offending other countries because we want to buy our own products. Gee, we should be ashamed. Ha Ha. I just don't see how buying American products would cause us to be on a 'road to hell'. I am glad it is getting noticed.

I also stumbled on a website the other day where a blogger, who shall remain nameless, says that to purposely buy made in USA products is racist. This person says that is like saying black should only buy from black and white should only buy from white. I don't see the connection there at all. I laughed about that one too.

Keep buying American, we will get our country back!


  1. To purposely buy products made in the USA is racist? So supporting our economy which in turn provides domestic jobs and feeds families is racist? I think that unnamed blogger needs a good dose of reality.

  2. That what I think too, glad to know I am not alone, thanks for posting.