Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I find myself talking about buying American to everyone I come in contact with now. When I go in the stores I am constantly checking out where things come from, even things I am not intending to buy. I did see some beautiful candle holders at Lowes last weekend and almost bought them until I looked under the bottom, made in china. So I put them back. Today my husband and I went to Home Depot. We needed a few things. I was very proud of my husband today. When he wanted an air compressor they had 2 brands on sale, a Porter-Cable and a Husky. The Porter-Cable was 10 dollars more but it was made in the USA so he bought that one. We also bought weed-n-feed that was cheaper than all the others, named Vigoro and it too was made in the USA. Maybe I am obsessed but I feel I am doing my part to help make America work.

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  1. As an American manufacturer and a 3 decades long consumer of US made goods, I understand your feelings. There are a number of solid, altruistic reasons to buy US made products. The simplest, easiest & immediate personal reason though for anyone to embrace is that it's nearly always a good deal for consumers.

    Price is worth considering but so is the cost to own a product. Your husband now owns an air compressor that probably has more features, is more energy efficient and will likely require fewer repairs while delivering more years of service than the imported option. That $10 difference will save him much more in the coming years. Imported products routinely have a larger profit margin for manufacturers & retailers so Home Depot would have preferred your husband purchase the imported option. They used pricing to encourage that purchase. That customary ploy didn’t work though on your husband so you should be proud.

    Like me, if you keep bringing US made products into your home, you'll discover the thrill of being a satisfied consumer. You'll have pride of ownership and want to share with friends products that impress and delight you. You'll come to believe that everyone should get to enjoy them. If you keep checking labels, you'll train your eyes to discern domestic products from imported. You'll come to feel blessed and rewarded by products that improve & enrich your life. Occasionally, you'll recall that the money you spent supported American companies, their workers & our economy and you'll wonder how you lost track of that sound motivation.

    Obsession - well it seems the pieces came together for you. You get it and want to share it and I understand completely.