Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's Catching On

Hey, you know, I think this whole idea is catching on. My friend called me the other day and told me that outside her local Hallmark store was a sign saying, 'Many of our products are made in the USA'. I think that is a good business idea. Wonder if their sales improved any? Oh, by the way, Hallmark is an American store.


  1. Let's hope it spreads like a wildfire. America simply can't afford to compete with unethical labor practices around the world. There are a few other countries with respect for human life and the environment and I hope to do some research on the subject soon.

    Keep spreading the word and thanks for the link! I'll get you one up on our community page soon.


  2. There are now about 14 online malls filled with a variety of only US made products. There are also many new online retailers that chose to offer only US made goods. Many online stores now have Made in USA departments to accommodate shoppers like you & I. In Illinois, there are now two brick & mortar stores with exclusively US made inventory. This has all happened for a reason - in response to increasing demand for domestic products due to a number of factors that are motivating consumers.

    You've got good company on this bandwagon and as consumers, we've haven't had this much clout in decades! In a down economy, every dollar we spend is precious to marketers so our every preference will be carefully studied and noted. Now is an ideal time to leave imports in the store to gather dust while you & I and others purchase domestic products from brick & mortars or online. Believe me and the sign your friend saw - marketers will follow the dollars you have to spend. Yes, they are paying attention and responding to an ongoing trend.


  3. Thank you for the great replies! I get so excited when I think something I believe in is starting to work. This is going to benefit everyone, not just a few.